In 2017, a devastating earthquake hit Puebla, Mexico, sending shock waves to Mexico City, while damaging buildings in the nation’s megalopolis and its neighboring suburbs.

This is when both public and private emergency services rose into action.

For multinational companies running in the city, it was a test of their internal help services, which were built to meet the “duty of care” provisions that multinationals have to their foreign employees. 

That is the least threshold that companies must adhere to ensure the protection of their employees.

Following the Mexico City earthquake, at least one Fortune 500 insurance company saw its services are lacking. 

It took nearly two weeks for the company to communicate with all of its employees and consider everyone.

So the company switched to a new Washington-based startup termed Base Operations to see if they could do a more satisfying job.

The Story of Base Operations 

It is established by a former security and risk management expert, Cory Siskind.

Base Operations uses a series of hosted software services and mobile applications to give security updates to corporate clients and their employees.

The insurance company examined Base Operations’ check-in feature to see how it would work in a simulated natural disaster.

Siskind had stated that Base Operations had recognized the location of 80% of the company’s workforce in less than two days. 

More than half of the company’s employees were checked in within the first 24 hours.

Base Operations gives a dashboard for corporate clients to observe their employees’ locations and for staff traveling abroad.

The company has an app that gives geo-tagged signals on potential risks based on an individual’s position.

As of now, the company has three customers, including the undisclosed insurance provider, the energy firm Enel and another, yet unnamed business.

Base Operations offers its services in 15 cities, which include Mexico City, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago, San Juan (Puerto Rico), and San Jose (Costa Rica).

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Base Operations Gets An Investment 

Siskind lately raised $1 million for Base Operations from investors, including Glasswing Ventures.

Along with Spiro Ventures, the Latin American early-stage financing firm Magma Partners and Good Growth Capital. 

Base Operations certified from Techstars Impact Accelerator in 2018.

The funds from the company’s most current round will be used to develop the company’s sales and marketing struggles and continue its research and development.

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