Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri stated that they would make decisions that disturb the business if they help people’s well-being and health.

To that point, next week, Instagram will extend its test of hiding Like counts from everyone except a post’s author to some users in the United States. 

That being said, there are important questions about whether the switch will bother influencers.

The Status of the Change 

Mosseri announced the plan at the Wired25 conference, saying at Instagram they have to understand how it affects.

They also need to understand how people think about the platform, how they handle the platform, and how it affects the creator ecosystem.

Instagram’s CEO disclosed that the idea is to seek to depressurize Instagram, make it less of a fight, and give people more time to focus on uniting with the people they love and things that excite them. 

The aim is to “lessen anxiety” and “lessen social comparison.”

Hence while the talk that also starred actor and CEO Tracie Ellis Ross, Mosseri explained Instagram’s increasing interest in shopping and how it can produce new revenue streams to influencers. 

He also called Instagram’s three-pronged strategy to well-being, where it recognizes and addresses acute problems.

Such as hate speech, finds positions where it can begin as with fighting to bully, and rethinks fundamentals of how the program runs as with Like count hiding.

Instagram started testing this in April in Canada and extended it to Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand in July.

Facebook also started a similar test in Australia in September.

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Challenges that Might Arise 

Instagram has to be careful that it doesn’t significantly reduce creators’ or influencers’ commitment and business success. 

These content creators are necessary to Instagram’s success as they keep their fan bases coming back day after day, despite If users’ friends are getting stale.

If Instagram notices the impact of the test to be too negative on influencers, it might not roll out the change. 

While Mosseri stated, the company was not worried about hurting its bottom line, damaging the careers of influencers may not be accepted unless the positive results on well-being are meaningful enough.

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