Big four consulting firm Deloitte has appointed Ellen Derrick as the Head of Consulting in Australia. Derrick is currently the consulting firm’s National Leader for Public Sector & Public Policy. Derrick will be replacing Kaylene O’Brien who has been in this role for about 2 years before retiring from Deloitte in October 2020 to “enjoy some time off”. 

Before joining Deloitte Australia, Derrick worked at Accenture and also took up senior roles at IISM Group and the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

Ellen Derrick – Head of Consulting at Deloitte Australia

Derrick joined Deloitte in 2011 as a Director and within 2 years, she was appointed as a Partner. By 2018, she was put in charge of the Public Sector & Public Policy practice. She has more than 2 decades of experience in management and consulting up her sleeves and has been deemed to be the perfect fit by the consulting firm to take up this new responsibility. 

In her role at Deloitte, Derrick led one of the largest verticals of Deloitte and gained great experience in designing and executing public policies across industries including social services, federal government, human services and healthcare. Most of her  projects involved digital transformation efforts. 

Deloitte CEO Richard Deutsch describes Derrick as a dynamic leader in the market. Deutsch adds he couldn’t think of anyone better for leading Deloitte Australia’s business apart from Ellen as the consulting firm works with its clients through this period of digital and organizational transformation.

Apart from appointing Ellen Derrick as the Head of Consulting in Australia, Deloitte Australia has also appointed 16 new partners.

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16 new Partners appointed by Deloitte Australia

As the consulting firm is undergoing an organizational transformation, it has announced the appointment of 16 new partners to support its growth. Following is the list of partners hired by Deloitte Australia.

  1. Andrea Abusah: Based in Sydney, Abusah is Deloitte Australia’s National Leader for Retail & Consumer Products for the Finance and Performance practice
  2. Tom Alstein: This Sydney-based partner specializes in financial services and leads growth markets like cloud transformation
  3. Susan Brown: Based in Melbourne, Brown specializes in digital transformation and customer experience
  4. Ben Fish: Based in Sydney, Fish works with finance clients to drive transformation
  5. Graham Hart: This Sydney-based Deloitte Partner specialized in delivering the best S/4HANA platform on time and on budget
  6. Alex Jara: Based in Melbourne, Jara leads the MuleSoft alliance for Deloitte’s Asia Pacific arm
  7. Arjun Kapur: This Melbourne-based Partner is dedicated towards helping the clients improve and transform their IT and HR functions
  8. Kate McLean: McLean is based in Brisbane and focuses on building a market for Deloitte Australia’s Finance and Performance teams
  9. Sara Rogers: This Melbourne-based focuses workforce transformation, talent strategy and human capital management
  10. Tina Northcott: Based in Sydney, Northcott leads the Transformation and Operations team
  11. Troy Outtram: Outtram is based in Melbourne and is the Lead Alliance Partner for Sitecore
  12. Priscilla Short: Short leads the Service Design team for Deloitte Australia’s Salesforce offering in Melbourne
  13. Daniel Skirving: Based in Perth, Skirving leads the consulting firm’s Oracle practice in Western Australia
  14. Todd Slatter: This Sydney-based Partner specialized in SAP and SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud
  15. James Stone: Based in Sydney, Stone supports the consulting firm’s SAP offering
  16. Brad West: Based in Melbourne, West supports the firm’s clients in designing  and implementing their digital procurement transformation

Deloitte Australia has about 9000 employees and has generated boosting revenues for the past 5 consecutive years.

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