Digital Marketing Directory, an Australian B2B digital marketing company released its flagship digital marketing job platform to its public. In a competitive industry that usually favors off-shore outsourcing, the Brisbane-based firm’s premium platform makes sure members can compete and trade with other Australian providers in AUD. The platform allows users to choose a provider, pick their areas of expertise and mention locations to make job search easy. 

Digital Marketing Directory’s flagship platform

Using the digital marketing platform by Digital Marketing Directory, business owners can connect with Australian agencies, freelancers and services providers that can meet their requirements. Job seekers and members can add their work samples, contact details, articles and videos to their profile.  Since its launch, the platform has generated great interest and captured the attention of dozens of marketers. 

The company’s co-founders, Phil and Jan said they don’t want to be perceived as just a directory. They are not a Yellow Pages style of business, their primary goal is to deliver factual, informative and educational content that benefits Aussie business owners, they add. They understand that it can be hard to source, secure and work seamlessly with agencies and finding the right information alone can be tricky. Digital Marketing Directory aims at helping business owners navigate the maze of marketing and connect them with the right service providers to deliver on their requirements.

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About Digital Marketing Directory

Brainchild of two multi-award winning digital agency owners, Digital Marketing Directory is an Australia-focused B2B company. With more than 30 years of combined experience, the goal of the company is to revolutionize the present and future of Aussie digital marketing. They’re doing so through their flagship platform that local agencies, service providers and freelancers connect with businesses seeking quotes from Australian companies.

Apart from this platform the company also aims at building a space where marketers of Australia can seamlessly advertise and acquire leads while earning a fair income. The company’s vision is to develop and create valuable B2B partnerships, further contribute to the Digital Marketing industry and provide informative educational content.

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