The COVID-19 virus is affecting every phase of our lives and becoming a profound influence on individuals, companies and community at large. 

Box’s Aaron Levie Makes A Statement

Box’s Aaron Levie has created a flourishing business from dorm room to IPO and ahead. 

He spoke regarding the level of creativity and concentration that it’s going to need to achieve in the current situation.

Levie pointed out that his business was a fledgeling startup when the financial downturn hit in 2008, but he believes this one can have a much more significant impact on the market than that one did.

Earlier this week on Twitter, Levie wrote that we are in unknown territory, and everyone will have to struggle together to help steer this crisis.

For startups, he urged startups to focus on their mission continually. 

“It’s about intense focus right now. It’s about absolute discipline. It’s about making sure that you’re managing your culture through this time,” Levie said.

As for his company, he’s seeing three areas: his workers, his clients and the society. 

He stated that his first preference is making sure his workers are safe and well and that the hourly operators who maintain the business usually are being taken care of as we go into this bizarre situation.

Furthermore, he’s making certain that he helps his clients. 

To that point, the company has eliminated any license restrictions as clients deal with extended usage with workers operating from home.

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Cloudfare’s Introduction

He has additionally combined forces with Cloudflare in an attempt to accommodate small businesses with 90 days of complimentary services to assist drive out the situation, and he said they would return increasing these arrangements if the situation remains.

Lastly, he says each business who can has to see at ways to help the societies where they exist to support non-profit organizations who are assisting in the response.

Levie is not alone in this thought by any means. 

He looks to additional leaders such as Chuck Robbins, Marc Benioff and Tim Cook, all who have walked up in current days to give help and support.

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