Attempts to get at-home test kits for the COVID-19 coronavirus are ramping up swiftly, and two more health care startups are producing their products to market, with both Carbon Health and Nurx beginning to export their own in-home sample collection kits.

The Examination Procedure

Both of these newest contributions are similar in terms of approach to examination: They provide swab-based specimen accumulating device that people can use at home to collect a mucus sample, which they then return utilising included, safety verified, projective packaging to be tested by one of the popular FDA-approved industrial labs over the nation.

These examinations obey the PCR-based approach, which tests for the genetic appearance of the COVID-19 virus in a victim. These have a great degree of precision, at least when executed in a controlled environment and managed by a medical professional, and are the equivalent tests that are accessible via drive-through testing stations being arranged by state agencies.

At-home management is comparatively new to the market and could offer some potential for failure in the accumulation part of the process. 

Still, both Carbon Health and Nurx are giving consultation with medical experts to assist that specimens are collected correctly, and that results, when ready, are accurately evaluated and provided with supervision on next steps for those conducting the tests.

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The Costing 

None of these analyses is free — the Carbon Health test charges $167.50, and the Nurx test charges $181, including transportation and evaluation. 

All of these analyses are gated by a screening and evaluation survey, and the round-trip period is expected to take a few days, also with round-trip transportation due to testing conditions. 

It might look like a lot of these are rising. 

Still, these startups at least have verified track records in healthcare services, and there will be a demand for extensive testing for any comprehensive attempt to straighten the curve of the virus to prove victorious, so await more of these providers to come online.

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