Booking Cabs Made Easy with Google Assistant


Google has a good news for all those traveling by cabs daily. Earlier this week, Google announced a host of new updates to Google Assistant. But it is not done rolling out the surprise updates yet. Now, it can be used to book ride services as well. This feature can come in really handy while you are caught up with work and need to immediately leave for someplace.

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This function is twofold. Including hands-free ride-hailing along with the convenient way of finding the ride that works the best for you. Thus avoiding the hassle of having to thumb multiple apps. Read on to find out more about the update.

 What’s the update all about?

Google’s latest update enables users to book a cab from a host of cab-hailing services. It includes companies ranging from Uber, Lyft, Ola, Grab to GO-JEK among others. It can be used by simply asking the Google Assistant to do so. All users need to do us say– “Hey Google, get me a taxi to…” or “Hey Google, book a ride to…”. Google Assistant will then show the users a list of popular cab services along with an estimated price and waiting time.

Till now, if you have used Google Assistant to book a book, it would move you over to the Google Maps for this info. To check even the price estimates for the services. With this feature, basically, the same info surfaces on the Assistant window.

Alternatively, users can also ask the virtual assistant to request a cab from a particular service simply by saying– “Hey Google, get me an Uber ride to”. While users will be able to request a cab using the Google Assistant they will still have to grab their smart phones. By tapping on their preferred cab service they can confirm their booking.

 Availability of the Feature

The feature is available for Google Assistant on all smart phones. Including Android smart phones, iPhones, Google Home smart speakers and other third-party speakers that support Google Assistant. As far as the availability is concerned, Google says that the feature will be available in select countries initially and that it will roll out the feature to other languages soon. It says the new ride requests will be available “first in English and any country where one of our supported ride service partners operate. We plan to expand to more languages in the coming months.”

However, there is a bit more to the process of ride booking than just the Ok Google command. Once you activate Google Assistant, asking it to book your cab, and mentioning your destination, the Assistant will respond with a list of estimated pricing, and the ETA of the cab from all the services around you.

Apart from the ability to book cabs, Assistant will also show you estimated wait times and pricing for each operator. Thus helping you make the decision without having to access the individual apps.

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Along with earlier this week, the Google Assistant app on Android was redesigned. It now offers bigger visuals, new controls and sliders, and a new interactive messaging interface, among other updates.

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