Sydney-headquartered Emergence has launched Australia’s first-ever stand-alone personal cyber insurance policy. The insurance policy responds to a range of cyber risks for individuals and families in an event of a cyber-attack. Emergence has been in the business of protecting businesses from cyber crime since 2015 by providing them specialist cyber insurance covers.

About the family cyber insurance by Emergence

The personal and family cyber protection covers by Emergence covers cyber crime like personal cyber crime, identity theft, viruses, hacking and malware. The insurance policy also responds to cyber harassment, cyber stalking and cyber bullying. 

With the pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions declared across the country and increased digitalisation, technology is playing a bigger role than ever in every family’s life. Founder and CEO of Emergence, Mr Troy Filipcevic says whether people are shopping online or organizing their lives, technology is entrenched in family life. Filipcevic says that with tech becoming a more and bigger part of our lives, it becomes more prone and vulnerable to cyber risk and at Emergence, they think it is important to insure not just businesses but families as well.

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About the cyber protection insurance firm Emergence

Emergence is Australia’s Underwriting Agency of the Year for 2019. Apart from family insurance, they also protect Australian businesses of all sizes from cyber risk. The company equips brokers with all the essential technology and tools to protect its clients with efficiency and ease.

Emergence published a whitepaper titled ‘Personal cyber insurance: the smart solution to countering cyber crime’ which said 88% of Australians use the internet and 71% use social media [1]. This provides a “fertile ground for criminal activity and anti-social behaviour” to take place online, says Filipcevic.

What starts as a nasty comment on a social platform can quickly escalate into something defamatory or hurtful to the person that they start to be a shadow of their former selves and they’re the people that the company wants to help with this policy, says Filipcevic. 

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Image Courtesy:  Image by methodshop from Pixabay