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ITNews-ITApple Hires Google’s Former Boss to Improve Siri

Apple Hires Google’s Former Boss to Improve Siri

According to the latest news, John Giannandrea, who previously worked with Google as head of the search and artificial intelligence, is joining Apple. As reported by The New York Times, John Giannandrea will join Apple, one day after he has stepped down from his previous role at Google.

John Giannandrea joins Apple | iTMunch
Since 2010, Giannandrea has been a core resource of the search engine’s development. In his new role at Apple, Giannandrea will be responsible to run Apple’s machine learning and AI strategy and will report directly to the CEO, Tim Cook. According to the sources, this hire has been a milestone for Apple, which was previously viewed as falling behind its competitors such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google when it comes to AI.

One of the core areas where John would be working on is Siri. Alexa by Amazon and Google Assistant has improved immensely in voice recognition and information requests. However, Siri in spite of being the ideal idea of an AI assistant, it has not been able to keep up in terms of capability.

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While Giannandrea is a valuable resource for Apple now, Google has found a new head, veteran Jeff Dean, who is widely considered to be one of the most talented and trusted figures in the world of coding. Dean is also the one who co-founded Google Brain, the research unit behind some of the field’s most significant advances over the past decade.
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