Trending in the latest financial tech news, Japanese financial holding company aims to improve efficiency and profitability by enhancing its technological prowess.

In tandem with Tohoku University, Nomura Holdings has announced that it will conduct thorough research in the field of quantum computing. Their main focus is to decipher the applications of quantum computing on asset management services.

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Nomura is to collaborate with Associate Professor Masayuki Ozeki to explore the possibilities of applying quantum computing in the process of optimizations of the asset management space. The purpose is to improve efficiency and ultimately profitability.

Moreover, Nomura intends to run some testing on D-Wave, a quantum computer which is manufactured by D-Wave Systems, a company based in Canada. The D-Wave machine is able to perform high-speed calculations at speeds that far exceed those of standard computers. The testing is aimed at improving the performance of investment portfolios, as well as potentially providing future price predictions of stocks and other financial assets.

The goal of applying this technology to the investment decision-making process is to see if the allotments of stocks selected by the machine are able to improve efficiency and accuracy, as well as to enhance the overall bottom line of a portfolio’s success.

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As previously reported by Finance Magnates, Nomura has been testing and developing artificial intelligence in an effort to induce new forms of technological advancements that can be applied to investments, trading and asset management.

The company plans on incorporating AI for the purpose of improving decision-making in the financial investment space.

Nomura has been focusing a great deal of effort on improving its technological capabilities. In today’s age, it is imperative to stay ahead of the technological curve, as it often can help to improve operational functions across many industries.

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