The AI revolution is here, and it is definitely there to stay for a long time. Various companies have begun investing in AI and machine learning research to find solutions in various fields. Today, artificial intelligence has begun making its presence felt in the field of IT, automotive, hospitality, travel and many more.

In fact, you can even see some developments in the field of healthcare and medicine. With reputed companies such as Google, IBM and many more that are investing in research for finding solutions for various health issues, it is only a matter of time before we can actually live a long and healthy life thanks to AI! Read the following AI technologies that could actually help us live longer in the near future.

AI for Drug Discovery

Multilayered networks of artificial intelligence neurons are capable of learning massive amounts of data and program themselves following this. With the rapid breakthroughs in machine learning, we can expect drug discovery and molecular biology to happen at a rapid pace. Which could mean, AI is capable of formulating a drug faster than any pharmaceutical company. With the help of massive datasets, quantum computing and blockchain enabled patient access AI could help increase the longevity of human life.

Innovation that can Enhance Patient Health

Various tech giants have developed an interest in finding machine learning solutions for the purpose of patient health. With Google, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, GE and Apple creating algorithms that could effectively treat patients or diagnose their diseases more accurately. With various AI apps such as Woebot, Semantic Scholar, AiCure, Colgate Connect E1 and many more, already show artificial intelligence and machine learning’s entry into the field of healthcare.

AI technology could help humans live longer in future | iTMunch

Virtual Therapists for Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is the most neglected aspect of healthcare. With so much of global population and a limited number of available psychiatrists, many people are silently suffering mental disorders. We may soon see a compassionated AI chatbot for ensuring behavioral health. This will help make sure that mental help is received anywhere at any time.

Self-Care Tools

AI could help us make healthier choices by following a healthy diet and encouraging us to exercise frequently. You could soon see AI assistants on smartphones that help you understand the nutritional value of your meals and could also provide an AI personal trainer that coaches you during your workouts.

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AI Doctors Anywhere at Anytime

Having access to AI doctors could especially be beneficial for people who are staying in remote locations. With the power of AI technologies, patients from all across the globe could easily connect to any doctor at any time.

With time, as investments in research for AI products and services grows, it is all in our hands to become a part of this growth and contribute towards the development and deployment of AI technologies that can improve overall healthcare. AI might even help you add another 20 years to your life. The question now arises that how do you plan to make use of those extra 20 years and what impact do you plan on making?

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