AI presently reaches every phase of how a company operates.

This includes building the core service itself, customer interactions, developing new things, and helping with ordinary paperwork and other back-office tasks. 

AppZen is one of the faster-growing startups in the following category, which is announcing a round of funding as it continues on its own path.

They create AI-powered tools to automate functions in the finance department.

More About The Investment 

The company has raised another $50 million in funding, which is led by Coatue Management.

Former investors like Redpoint Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners are also participating.

We learn from sources that this funding has been raised at a $500 million valuation, which is a significant hike. 

For some circumstances, the company raised a $35 million round last year in October.

This was led by Lightspeed which placed it at a post-money valuation of $175 million.

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More About AppZen

Till now, AppZen’s highest product has been a service that automatically audits expenses.

For example, if an employee charges with his travel cost, that person has undertaken to see if the charges match up.

They also make sure the expenses are compliant with the company policies, and in case they are not a flag gets raised.

AppZen users involve Amazon, Nvidia, Salesforce, and three of the top ten banks in the US.

It also includes four of the top ten media firms, three of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, two of the top five aerospace organizations and several different software providers.

Moving ahead, the company continues to see a lot of friction with its current products in auditing how a company pays out money.

The plan will be to develop that out to other functions of the finance department.

This will cover other areas where the finance department makes evaluations to manage to spend and collect money across the business.

This certainly must reduce operational costs in an organization and speed up the process.

But AI is not always perfect, and sometimes substituting people with those systems makes it very hard to doubt results if there is a hiccup.

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