Prescriptive analysis and AI startup Houston We Have (HWH) has been appointed by Accenture’s Australian arm as a reseller partner. Sydney-based HWH is an organization that specializes in human-centric artificial intelligence solutions that help companies in their decision-making process.

According to the deal, Accenture Australia will sell HWH’s artificial intelligence solutions to the government and corporate clients, along with its team set to be trained to develop, sell and integrate the technology.

About Houston We Have – an AI Startup

The Australian AI startup Houston We Have offers data-driven solutions for fraud detection, compliance and insurance claims. They serve industries including defence and national security, climate, insurance, space, health and finance.  The company is headquartered at Sydney and has offices and staff in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. They also have a presence in the United Kingdom.

HWH says Accenture Australia was impressed by its ‘subjective logic’ technology that is capable of making predictions even when some data pieces are missing, unreliable or potentially biased.

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More on the Houston We Have-Accenture Australia Partnership

Accenture is a global leader in technology solutions and people have incredible trust and value in their brand. According to the Managing Director of HWH Elizabeth Whitelock, the partnership with Accenture is the ultimate endorsement of their patented prescriptive artificial intelligence technology. Whitelock adds that they’ve been working extremely hard on their first proposal and they look forward to training the team of Accenture Australia. 

According to Whitelock, Accenture’s decision to sell HWH’s solution is not just a huge compliment but a game-changer for them as it helps them pre-qualify for almost every sales opportunity introduced under the brand of Accenture. The company’s perceived lack of ability and scale to provide an end-to-end AI solution had been a hindrance to their growth. The agreement of Accenture Australia with the AI startup removes this obstruction and opens the door for major large scale tenders and projects.

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Image Courtesy: Maksym Kozlenko, Wikipedia