Last year at AWS re:invent, the company’s huge consumer conference, Amazon introduced a new miniature race car and a racing alliance, all intended to teach developers about machine learning in a pleasant way.

Now, ahead of next week’s re:Invent conference, the company declared some improvements, including an enhanced car and extended the racing schedule.

The Specifications of the Changes 

They include more chances to race at AWS events and your events.

There will be more possibilities to win with new races, including head-to-head multi-car races.

Plus, an updated DeepRacer car with the latest sensing capabilities.

For starters, there is a unique car called DeepRacer Evo that develops on the primary model that came out last year. 

This one adds a new stereo camera and a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensor. 

The company states that these attached sensors are more than just a window dressing.

The added sensors will allow DeepRacer Evo to identify and react to obstacles, including other DeepRacers skillfully.

This will assist you in learning even more about the exciting field of reinforcement learning, which is perfect for use in autonomous driving.

You can retrofit your current car with a sensor upgrade kit, or purchase a new DeepRacer Evo. 

Both will be ready early next year, according to the company.

One added factor in giving a car like this is increasing in competition, and that is where the racing league grows in. 

The company intends to increase the opportunities to compete next year with added races, and they are developing the race types. 

As last year the races were all about speed; they include two new categories next year involving one to take benefit of the new sensors to identify and dodge obstacles and head-to-head racing against other cars. 

Last year’s race included a single car on the track battling to get the fastest time.

AWS Deep Racer Launch | iTMunch

When Can Users Get Access? 

As Ryan Gavin, the general manager of AWS for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning marketing, said earlier this year that this is actually about supporting developers to learn more about advanced technologies.

Next week at re:Invent, there will be a lot of DeepRacer action including the league of qualifying races and the championship cup tournament for folks previously immersed in this. 

For those who desire to learn more or get started, AWS will give DeepRacer boot camps and seminars.

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