‘Experience The Future’ with Aruba’s AI-Powered Mobility Innovations


Trending in the latest AI tech news, Aruba introduced new secure, AI-powered mobility innovations for the Experience Edge. The new series consists of 802.11ax Access Points, 802.11ax-optimized Switches. It also includes an AI-powered software to give organizations a secure, autonomous network for the mobile, cloud and IoT era. This new series harnesses AI-powered automation and assurance to deliver extraordinary experiences for users and IT.

Read the latest AI tech news titled "'Experience The Future' with Aruba's AI-Powered Mobility Innovations"

For IT, assuring a consistently great Wi-Fi experience has never been more challenging. Not only are there far more people, devices, and a plethora of diverse applications to support, but the rise in IoT is creating even more complexity. This new series by Aruba harnesses AI-powered automation. Thus assuring to deliver an extraordinary experience for users and IT.

About Aruba

Aruba is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (HPE), a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes worldwide. The company delivers IT solutions that empower organizations to serve the latest generation of mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work. Over it’s run in the industry it has built an AI solution based on the foundation of real-world expertise, robust, diverse and representative data to power the algorithms. This solution delivers intelligent, actionable insights to improve performance, security and the user experience. The unique advantage of Aruba over its competitors is their ability to create secure autonomous networks.

The company holds 16 years of Wi-Fi expertise along with learning and best practices built into their AI algorithms from their customer’s diverse networks around the world and from millions of installed APs. At Aruba, they are committed to help customers deliver extraordinary experiences for their employees and customers. Their latest AI – powered mobility innovations aim to help customers to realize their visions today and well into the future.

Emergence of 802.11ax

Aruba introduced the 510 series, a new family of 802.11ax, IoT ready wireless access points. It consists of IoT-ready access points, with advanced WPA3 certified security. In addition, it includes an AI-powered Wi-Fi performance assurances and intelligent power monitoring. These wireless access points support the latest Wi-Fi standard and are the first to be Wi-Fi Alliance certified for the new WPA3. They also avail enhanced open security standards to provide stronger encryption and simpler IoT security configuration.

These new innovations, enable IoT use cases, such as smart door locks and electronic shelf labels. And Bluetooth 5 delivers user-aware indoor location allowing IT to create personalized experiences. The 510 series aims to address the greater performance in highly dense mobile environments. Thus supporting the growing number of IoT deployments, while also improving battery life on client devices. This AI-powered automation and service assures to deliver the performance and reliability that organizations need to give users for an exceptional digital experience.

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Aruba has also introduced NetInsight, an automation and assurance solution that combines AI and crowdsourcing to deliver a powerful solution. This continuously monitors and troubleshoots the network and delivers predictive, actionable intelligence to improve network performance and the user experience. With so many innovations already in the run, Aruba just doesn’t plan to stop.

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