Nielsen declared it will now be equipped to measure the viewing going on Amazon Prime Video, by its Subscription Video on Demand Content Rating solution. 

This product, originally started two years ago, was focused on measuring Netflix’s viewing numbers with hopes to add help for measuring Prime Video in 2018.

Even though delayed by a year, Prime Video measurement is currently available.

What Does Nielsen Do?

By Nielsen’s service, consumers will have a way to the measurement data for their content.

As well as the entire content life cycle for competing media whether it is live, content-shifted viewing, driven or accessible through video-on-demand/

However, with Netflix, Nielsen can measure only the Amazon Prime Video streams going on in the U.S. via TVs. 

This combines connected and smart devices, for example, like streaming media players.

That condition has been a point of critique from Netflix, which routinely removes Nielsen’s accuracy because it drops streams coming from mobile devices and PCs. 

But insiders now say that Nielsen’s numbers are somewhat close, which showed how Nielsen’s numbers supported Netflix’s claims about its hit movie “Bird Box.”

Also, those lacking mobile and PC streams may not be as high in times of U.S. viewership as you may believe. 

Nielsen’s streaming service | iTMunch

The Era Of Streaming Services 

Although several U.S. consumers are cutting the cord with regular linear TV, they still usually watch their streamed shows on the big TV screen. 

Hulu, for example, stated last year that as much as 78% of its viewing happens on a TV, to give you an opinion.

For channels and studios, Nielsen’s SVOD measurement numbers help give insight into what unless can be a bit of a black box. 

Although Netflix debated during its Q3 earnings last week that it does presently share some viewing data with producers, it can be difficult for studios and channels to put those numbers in the circumstances.

Brian Fuhrer, SVP Product Leadership, Nielsen, said in a statement that they believe the addition of Amazon Prime Video will enable rights owners a continued ability to know both the size.

Also, the composition of their streaming viewers related to other platforms or programs. 

Exceeding that, executing this enhancement re-affirms their duty to constant change and to be the one media truth of an increasingly-fragmented video scene.

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