Vivaldi has long advertised itself as a browser for exceptional users who want to customize their browser to their heart’s content.

With that purpose, it accomplished to get a foothold in the desktop market.

However, until now, the browser company which is co-founded by Opera’s former CEO Jon von Tetzchner did not have a presence on mobile. 

Well, that is changing now with the launch of Vivaldi for Android, which preserves the browser’s look, feel and speed. All this without getting bogged down in attempting to bring all its multiple features to mobile.

USP of Vivaldi - browser will not run tracking on your device | iTMunch

The USPs of Vivaldi

The initial thing that is worth highlighting about Vivaldi for Android is that the browser will not run any tracking on your device.

The Vivaldi team indicates that the application doesn’t use Google’s browser focus that comes built-in into the mobile operating system.

The overall browser experience is rather straightforward. 

The Vivaldi team has placed all of the usual UI features, backward, forward, tab switcher and URL/search at the base. 

You can still use the address bar at the top of the screen and the menu, too.

But, of course, in this era of giant screens, users prefer a browser that can be used with one hand for most f the time.

As far as the features go, Vivaldi incorporates all the bases, with speed dials and bookmarks.

Some advanced tab management features are generally not available on mobile.

It also includes the ability to clone tabs, and a screenshot feature that allows you to capture either the entire page or just the visible area. 

If you always use various search engines, you can also use Vivaldi’s shortcuts in the address bar.

There is also a reader view and almost everything else you can expect from a contemporary mobile browser.

One area where we can expect a bit more work from Vivaldi in general, on both mobile and desktop, is the tracking protection. 

Vivaldi, right now in its current form, doesn’t yet give any tracking protection by default. 

That is not much of a problem on the desktop, where you can install an extension, but on the mobile, the company can do a bit more.

When Does Vivaldi Launch?

The first beta of Vivaldi for Android is now ready for download, and the future updates will further improve the experience with this build and also add new features.

At this point, no specifics have been given concerning an iOS version of Vivaldi.

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