Transport technology giant Under will be joining the ‘Multi Purpose Taxi Program in the Australian state of Victoria. According to this scheme, Uber will offer subsidies of about AU$60 on rides for people with accessibility needs. The government of Victoria has decided on expanding the Multi Purpose Taxi Program in order to include Uber to offer transport services in a subsidized way for those with accessibility needs and the differently abled.

Uber Australia joins Victoria’s taxi scheme 

This state-wide expansion follows a successful trial by the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) along with Uber in Geelong. Despite the pandemic-related shutdowns happening during the trial, Uber and CPVV say they were successfully able to facilitate 170+ rides and attain perfect-5 ratings from the riders. The Multi Purpose Taxi Program subsidy covers about 50% of the cost of eligible riders and up to AU$60. All because of a custom-built technology solution created for the Geelong trial, the subsidy is applied automatically to the upfront price visible to the rider before they request a trip. This remains applied until the individual’s subsidy is exhausted. This facility provides the riders with more assurance about the trip cost and removes the need of any physical cards.

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Uber ANZ on the move

Uber Australia and New Zealand General Manager, Dom Taylor said since entering Melbourne in 2013, Uber ANZ has focused on helping millions of Victorians get from point A to point B reliably, affordably and safely at the click of a button. Up until now, people of Victoria with a disability using this scheme didn’t have that same choice. Taylor says the company is thrilled to be joining forces with CPVV in order to provide better choice and flexibility with a tech-based and on-demand transport solution for people accessing the MPTP subsidy.

Every jurisdiction in Australia has a similar and equivalent scheme to MPTP and it is surely exciting to see Victoria pave the way in offering more choices and better control to those with accessibility needs. For the transport tech giant Uber, this is its first major move in improving transport facilities and options for Aussies with disabilities, but the company sees it as the first of many.

CEO of Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV), Aaron de Rozario says people with accessibility needs in Victoria should be able to access a wide range of commercial vehicles, just like anyone else. This means having the choice to choose the type of service that meets their individual needs. The collaboration with Uber will provide MPTP members with more options, and importantly choice, for their travel needs. With proper access to study, work and leisure activities, MPTP members can be active citizens, and in turn, support the economic growth of Victoria.

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Image Courtesy: Uber