Let’s take a look at how great tech stocks did last year. 

It did bonkers.

So let’s note the year’s outcome with some records for our future selves.

Yes, we understand that the Nasdaq has been establishing new records, and SaaS had a great year. 

But we require to dig in and see the numbers out so that we can view back and remember.

Keeping score

We will start with the criteria that we worry about:

  • The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite grew 35% in 2019
  • The SaaS-heavy Bessemer Cloud Index grew 41% in 2019

Next is the essential value U.S.-based technology firms:

  • Microsoft was up about 55% in 2019
  • Apple achieved an 86% increase in the year 2019
  • Not to be forgotten out, Facebook grew 57% in 2019
  • Amazon stated its personal earnings of 23% in 2019
  • Alphabet succeeded to expand by 29%, as well

Forthwith let’s shift to a few companies that we worry about, even if they are less than the Big Five:

  • Salesforce? rose around 19% in the year 2019
  • Adobe also rose by 46% in 2019, which was fascinating
  • Intel pulled up 28% in the year 2019, giving it no failure
  • Also, Oracle succeeded to grow 17% in 2019

And so on.

The technology industry’s historical period has been so powerful that The Wall Street Journal remarked that, powered by tech companies, U.S. funds “are poised for their largest yearly performance in six years.” 

Tech stock performance in 2019- IPOs to perform lowest | iTMunch

The list that did not make it

Many of the dullest public tech firms were 2019 technology IPOs, interestingly enough. 

Who didn’t o do great? 

Uber makes a place on this list for not only living underwater from its IPO price but even from its closing private valuations. 

And as you presumed, Lyft is dropping from its IPO price as well, which is not great.

A few 2019 IPOs did great in the middle of the year but dropped a little flat as the year got to a close. 

Pinterest, Beyond Meat, and Zoom fit those criteria, for instance. 

And several SaaS companies strived, even if we believe they will reach $1 billion in income in time although it was frequently a party. 

The standard markets were great, and tech assets were high. 

This assisted build another 100+ unicorns in the year 2019.

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