Just this morning, Spotify announced a new feature that will let users add their podcasts to playlists. 

Besides, users can create the custom playlists of their preferred podcasts or even those that blend music and audio.

This is similar to Spotify’s own recently launched “Your Daily Drive.”

By “Your Daily Drive,” Spotify puts its personalized engine to work to connect both music and news from selected sources. 

The Benefit of the New Feature

With the ability to build your podcast-filled playlists, you will not have to rely on Spotify’s curation as much.

Instead, you can create your podcast playlists by clicking on the three-dot menu to the right of the podcast option and then “Add to playlist.” 

You can either choose to add it as a playlist you have already created, or you can create a new one from scratch. 

You can proceed to add more content to this playlist, including music if you prefer.

The company states that this functionality is something users have regularly requested since the combination of podcasts to its streaming music service. 

However, it is not indeed the easiest way to tune into the latest episodes of your favourite programs, as it requires manual curation.

Spotify mentions that now there are more than 3 billion user-generated music playlists on its service.

So it assumes that its users will welcome this new curation facility, as well.

Once a podcast playlist has been designed, it can be shared with friends or the public, just like other music playlists can be. 

This could make it interesting for a marketing tool for podcasters, who can put together playlists of their handpicked episodes.

Or with high-profile guest stars, for example, as a method to introduce newcomers to their shows. 

But it too could serve as a way for friends to suggest their favourite shows, by putting together a list of their all-time ideal episodes.

Add podcasts to playlists - new feature by Spotify | iTMunch

Spotify’s “Hundreds of Thousands” Podcasts

Today, Spotify declares it has “hundreds of thousands” of podcasts ready to stream on its platform.

The new podcast playlist-building speciality is available only on mobile for now. 

On the desktop, you can only stream the playlists you made, but cannot build them yet.

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