Microsoft stated that Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), the Azure-based system for virtualizing the Windows and Office user experience it is now commonly available. 

Applying WVD, companies can give their employees access to use virtualized applications and remote desktops, which includes the facility to provide multi-session Windows 10 experiences. This is something that establishes Microsoft’s own apart from the vendors that offer virtualized Windows desktops and applications.

In extension to making the service commonly available, Microsoft is also rolling it out worldwide. However, the preview was in the U.S. only, and the initial plan was to roll it out globally gradually. 

Scott Manchester, the leading engineering for WVD, also told that more than 20,000 companies signed up for the preview. 

He further saw that Microsoft Teams is getting enhanced support in WVD with a significantly developed video conferencing experience.

The Role of FSLogix

Soon after announcing the preview of WVD, Microsoft obtained a company called FSLogix. This company specializes in provisioning the same sort of virtualized Windows conditions that Microsoft gives through WVD. 

Microsoft’s corporate VP mentioned that ahead of this announcement; the company got a lot of the know-how from FSLogix to assure that the user experience on WVD is as stable as possible.

He also stressed that the FSLogix purchase allowed his team to work with the Office team to optimize the user experience there. 

Due to this, when you spin up a new virtualized version of Outlook, for example, it will just take seconds to load instead of a minute.

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Service | IT Munch

The Deployment Status

Plenty of companies are also yet seeing to upgrade their old Windows 7 deployments. 

Microsoft will discontinue providing free security patches for them very soon.

However, on WVD, these users will still be capable of getting access to virtualized Windows 7 desktops with free security updates until January 2023. 

Brad Anderson, CVP of Microsoft 365, does not think that this will be a significant driver for WVD adoption. However, he does notice pockets of customers who are working on their transition.

Companies can access Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 7 Enterprise on WVD at no extra licensing cost.

Although, of course, the Azure sources they use will cost them if they don’t have a suitable Windows 10 Enterprise or Microsoft 365 license.

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