Chances are you often think of Samsung as a consumer-focused electronics company, but it has a very sizable B2B business as well.

The company helps more than 15,000 large businesses and hundreds of thousands of SMB managers via its partners. 

At its developer gathering this week, it is placing the spotlight somewhat on this side of its business with a similar hardware launch as well. 

The centre of this news, however, is on Knox, Samsung’s mobile security program, and Project AppStack, which will probably get a different name soon.

The Story of Knox

It provides B2B customers with a different mechanism to deliver SaaS tools and essential apps to their employees’ devices.

Along with new tools for developers that make those services more discoverable.

At least in the U.S., Samsung has not marketed its B2B business all that much. With this development, the company is considering to change that. At its focus, Samsung is, definitely, a hardware company.

Taher Behbehani, the head of its U.S. mobile B2B division, stated that Samsung’s tablet sales indeed multiplied in the last year.

Plus, most of these were for automated deployments and business-specific resolutions. 

To better assist this market, the company announced that it is producing the secure Tab Active Pro to the U.S. market. 

Earlier, it was only accessible in Europe.

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The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

This new partner plan is a three-tier partner program that is a development of the current Samsung Enterprise Alliance program. 

At the essential level, partners get access to support and marketing assets. 

At all tiers, partners can, too, get Knox validation for their applications to highlight that they accurately execute all of the Knox APIs.

The free Bronze tier involves access to Knox SDKs and APIs, along with licensing keys. 

At the Silver tier, partners will get help in their province, while Gold tier members will get access to the Samsung Solutions Catalog.

Plus, the capability to be added in the internal catalog used by Samsung sales teams internationally. 

This is to allow Samsung teams to find the right resolutions to meet consumer needs and promote these resolutions to its consumers.

Gold tier partners also get to test devices.

For big enterprises, Samsung additionally runs an algorithm that seems at the size of the business and the upright it is in to suggest specific applications, too.

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