The gaming world never ceases to amaze us. Right from the scintillating graphics, aesthetic animations, and engaging storylines to the best gaming hardware, there is no shortage of fun and excitement. As we wave 2021 a goodbye and embrace 2022, it is probably a good idea to revisit the top gaming events in 2021. 

Were there any standout games that took the gaming fraternity by storm? How did the gaming cohort deal with the pandemic in 2021? Did event organizers face any difficulties while organizing these events during the pandemic? 

Some of the most popular gaming events including GDC and E3 were canceled in 2020 due to the onset of the pandemic. 2021 was a much better year for game developers, event organizers, and the gaming community. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and top gaming events that were held in 2021. 

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1. BlizzConline

Dates: 19th to 20th February 2021

BlizzConline was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the dangers of the virus loomed large in the early weeks of 2021, Blizzard Entertainment decided to move the event online. The online event was named BlizzConline and took place on February 19th and 20th of 2021. 

Blizzard unveiled Diablo 2: Resurrected and also gave updates on notable gaming titles such as Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. 

2. Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2021

Dates: 19th to 23rd July 2021

If there is one gaming event that never fails to amaze the gaming community it is the Game Developers Conference a.k.a GDC 2021. GDC pulls the game development community together to bounce ideas off, address problems, and mold the future of gaming. 

The conference was a 5-day event and has got a perfect blend of everything including networking, inspiration, and education. 

Some of the top artists, programmers, game designers, business leaders, producers, and business leaders entered the gates of Moscone Center in San Francisco over the course of 5 days. 

3. Summer Game Fest

Dates: 10th June 2021 onwards

Summer Game Fest was one of the many gaming events we did not get to witness in 2020 due to the ongoing health crisis worldwide. However, we get to see the return of the Summer Game Fest in 2021. 

The event kicked off on June 10, 2021, with the Summer Game Fest: Kickoff Live Showcase. The showcase featured a mixed bag of exciting announcements, trailers, and reveals. While not all the announcements were captivating enough, there were plenty of standouts. 

Gamers caught a glimpse of Overwatch 2’s characters and heard about Call of Duty Warzone (Season 4). 

4. Ubisoft Forward

Dates: 12th June 2021

Ubisoft hosted another edition of Ubisoft Forward on Saturday, June 12, 2021, which was also the first day of E3. A plethora of the greatest and latest games that were coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One were on display. Some of these include Rainbow Six Extraction, Riders Republic, and Far Cry 6.

Besides, a number of major updates were released for the existing games such as The Crew 2, Watch Dogs: Legion, and For Honor. 

5. Steam Next Fest 2021

Dates: 16th June to 22nd June 2021

The Steam Game Festival has been rebranded to Steam Next Fest. The multi-phase event highlights and showcases the upcoming games available on Steam.

It is a perfect platform for game developers to build an audience, particularly for their new games. Every festival features over hundreds of games and demos that can be downloaded by players from all over the world. Besides, Stream Next Fest is a perfect opportunity for developers to connect with players and also schedule live streams over the course of the event. 

6. EA Play Live 2021

Dates: 22nd July 2021

For a change, EA Play Live did not take place around the same time as E3 as it has in the past. EA Sports revealed that the event will return after a year’s absence on July 22, 2021. 

The event showcased the new mode in Battlefield 42, new content for Knockout City and Apex Legends, and the gameplay for Lost in Random. Besides, Grid Legends and the much-awaited Dead Space remake made their debut. 

In addition, EA also revealed the trailer of a bunch of games such as Dead Space, Battlefield Portal, Grid Legends, Lost in Random, and Apex Legends: Emergence among others. 

7. Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Dates: 29th July 2021

This was Annapurna Interactive’s first event like E3, displaying games which they intend to launch over the next year. Besides, they also revealed a series of new developers they are working with. 

The gameplay of new games such as Skin Deep, Neon White, and Stray was revealed. A very special announcement was made by the developers of Outer Wilds – Mobius Digital about a new expansion. 

8. E3 2021

Dates: June 12th and 15th 2012

E3 | Logo

E3 2021 is one of the biggest gaming events out there. It returned in 2021 with major announcements from companies such as Ubisoft, Nintendo, Bethesda, Xbox, and Square Enix. Besides, a garland of indie developers also made some exciting announcements over the four-day event. 

The event saw an impressive footfall and provided the much-awaited updates on some of the biggest games of 2021 such as Breath of the Wild 2, Halo Infinite, and Elden Ring. 

The release date and gameplay of several popular titles were revealed. These names include Elden Ring, Starfield Xbox-PC, Zelda, Square’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Next Smash Bros, and more. 

Final words

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic changed how events across different industries were held. While 2020 saw an influx of virtual events, 2021 saw normalcy return. 

Apart from the mandatory COVID-19 restrictions that were adhered to in all these events, shades of normalcy could be seen. A lot has happened in 2021 as far as the gaming industry is concerned. There is no doubt that things will continue to change as the pandemic continues but there will be no dearth of new game launches, trailers, and more in 2022. 

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