Skype is an app which is best known for being only a video calling app. This is mainly because its messaging feature set has been a bit underdeveloped. However, according to the latest tech news, the company is working hard to change its image. Keep reading to learn more about Skype’s most recent upgrade.

What can we expect from Skype

The company is planning to come up with a line of improvements to its chatting features targeted at further differentiating it from its rival apps.

One of the most useful features is the support for Message Drafts. Just like in an email, any message you type but don’t send is saved as a draft, Skype you provide you with a “draft” tag. Thanks to this feature, you can return to the message to complete it and send it later.

This is one feature that users would be great to see the other messaging apps integrate, considering the amount of modern business and personal communication that takes place outside an email.

Skype latest features: draft and bookmarks | iTMunch

More about Skype’s latest features


In addition to another email-inspired feature, Skype is also introducing the facility to allow the user to bookmark any critical messages. 

To use this option, all you have to do is long-press a message on the mobile or right-click a message on the desktop, then tap or click on the “Add Bookmark” option. This will let add the message to your ‘Bookmarks’ screen for a smooth recovery.

  1. Preview

Another feature added to the Skype app is that you also now will be able to preview photos, videos and files before you send them through messages.

It isdefinitely a worthwhile improvement, but one that’s more about playing catch up to other communication apps than being innovative.

  1. Organized

Skype will now organize all the files and photos neatly if you are sharing a collection of pictures or videos all at once. 

So instead of overpowering recipients with a broad set of photos, the photos are grouped in a way which is more common to what you would see on social media.4


As one of the oldest messaging apps, which is still in use, Skype is no longer the largest or most popular app, in today’s industry. 

Anyhow, it is good to see the team getting back together to solve real consumer pain points.

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