End users manage to get a bad rap in the security business because they are usually the weakest security link. 

They fall for phishing plans, apply weak passwords, and often unknowingly are the main for malicious players getting into your company’s systems. 

Okta wants to correct that by giving end-users data about suspicious action involving their login while allowing them to share data with the company’s security device when it makes sense.

The Story of UserInsights 

Okta indeed developed a few new products beneath the umbrella SecurityInsights. 

The end-user product is named UserInsights. 

The additional new product, called HealthInsights, is created for administrators and gives suggestions on how to develop the overall identity posture of a company.

UserInsights allows users to know when there is a suspicious activity linked with their accounts, like a login from an unrecognized device. 

If it seems to involve a stolen password, he or she will click on the Report button to inform the incident to the company’s security apparatus.

Then it would trigger an automatic workflow to start an inquiry. 

The person should also certainly replace that compromised password.

HealthInsights works similarly, except for administrators at the system level. 

It examines the configuration parameters and makes sure that the administrator has fixed up Okta according to industry best methods. 

When there is a hole between the company’s settings and the best method, the system warns the administrator and lets them fix the problem. 

This can include implementing a sterner password policy, building a block list for familiar rogue IP addresses.

Or they are forcing users to apply a second factor for some sensitive operations.

Okta health insights | iTMunch

Who Is Okta?

Okta is, first and foremost, an identification company. 

Companies, big and small, can tap into Okta to have a single sign-on interface where you can reach all of your cloud applications in one place. 

This implies, if your system does get tricked, you can identify abnormal action quickly because you are dealing with one login rather than many. 

The company produced these new products to take benefit of that and give these groups of employees with the data they need to help defend the company’s systems.

The SecurityInsights devices are available beginning today.

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