Accessory inventor Nomad already gives a few of excellent wireless chargers that work great with Apple and other Qi-compatible devices.

And right now, they are launching a new one that could be their most versatile one yet. 

Introducing FreePower

Adopting technology produced by partner Aira, called “FreePower,” the latest Nomad Base Station Pro will be able to charge three devices at once place in any adjustment on its surface.

This is quite similar to what Apple’s AirPower had promised, before its unfortunate demise. 

The hardware makes use of a matrix of various charging coils, which is interlinked to allow charging capabilities over the surface of the Base Station Pro. 

Maybe purposely, Aira’s website URL is “,” one letter off from Apple’s shelved first-party accessory.

Nomad’s charger obtains the same aesthetics of the company’s current chargers.

This means you get a black smooth leather surface for setting your devices on top of, and the enclosing frame is made of slate-grey aluminum. 

The charger should see and feel very premium if Nomad’s other Base Stations are any evidence.

The Base Station Pro helps to charge speeds of up to 5W each, which is not the max backed by the iPhone or other devices.

But according to Aira co-founder Jake Slatnick, that is not much of a limitation at all.

The Nomad Base Station Pro holds up to three devices, all at 5W.

You could use it to charge, two iPhones, and AirPods with Apple’s wireless charging case all at one time.

Nomad also adds a 27W USB-C charger with Power Delivery in the box among the Base Station Pro, and a USB-C cable to connect to the charger. 

Nomad Base Station Pro | iTMunch

The Pricing Options 

This apparently will be a reasonably premium-priced piece of hardware, but we will find out for sure when pre-orders start in November.

The one crucial way this varies from what Apple was building, at least for Apple fans, is that it doesn’t give charging for the Apple Watch. 

Nomad has a Base Station model that allows an integrated Apple Watch charger. Still, of course, with that, you’re not receiving the “place anywhere” overlaying coil design created for this new model.

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