The Difference Between AI & IoT

Difference between AI and IOT | iTMunch

Ever since the technology was introduced to mankind, it has evolved and come a long way. Right from telephones to cars, computers to laptops, and industrial machines to artificial intelligence the progress is evident and the future has a large scope. If you have been following the technological advancements then you might have recently heard terms like artificial intelligence or AI, machine learning, Internet of Things or IoT and much more. These terminologies have become the norm and are the latest trends in the field of technology.

AI, machine learning and IoT are some of the applications that can be seen used by various tech companies. Before you start implementing these applications in your company, let us familiarize ourselves with the concept of AI and IoT and which one is better for your business. The following article will provide all the information you need to be well versed in AI and IoT.

Role of AI in IOT | iTMunch

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is defined as a technology that is used for stimulating intelligence in machines. It can imitate the cognitive functions of a human being and has the potential to respond to a movement in a way that it can deliver its goal while constantly striving to enhance its performance.

AI is a form of machine learning that thoroughly examines the pattern and trends and derives results effectively. It is useful for real-time and post-event processing and adaptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics. Companies nowadays are able to implement AI processes with greater processing power and longer battery life. 

Why Should You Consider Using AI?

AI adds intelligence and brings accuracy in the business. It can help analyze and handle a large quantity of data. Artificial intelligence is a perfect substitute for repetitive and laborious tasks in the business. It reduces errors and improves efficiency. It can even help businesses make a more well-researched and accurate decision based on computations and data analysis. 

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