Neighbourhood social network Nextdoor and Walmart are joining up to start a new “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” plan that will make it simpler for helpless community members to get help from neighbours who are already preparing a trip to Walmart. 

More About The App

The latest in-app feature will enable Nextdoor users to post to groups affiliated with their local Walmart shop to request shopping support.

To locate the new option, Nextdoor users can both use the Nextdoor website or mobile app.

From there, users will click on the “Groups” button where they can see local Walmart stores fastened to the top of the page. 

Members can then send a message to the group feed where they can request for help or provide help others.

Members who join in the feed can then work out the specifications on the message board or via direct message, where they can give more private details like their location and what they require from the store.

The feature is created to assist the elderly, high-risk or additional vulnerable members to locate someone who will pick up groceries, medicines or other essentials when they’re preparing a trip to the store.

This can also give a low-cost option to using online grocery distribution services, which need tipping. 

In the case of a neighbour assisting a neighbour, the help is given on a volunteer basis, not as someone’s job.

Nextdoor App being used on the phone | iTMunch

The Role Of Walmart

Walmart isn’t managing or maintaining these Nextdoor groups, to be precise, but operated with Nextdoor to make the feature accessible.

For the retailer, the addition isn’t just helpful in terms of directing consumers to Walmart to shop; it’s also observed as a way to decrease the number of people who appear to the store in-person.

Nextdoor has started various new features in reply to the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks.

Over the previous few weeks, Nextdoor states that it has witnessed a 7x increase in people entering groups to support one another, a not shocking figure given its current exit from beta.

Nextdoor will further make the Walmart groups simple to find by fastening them to the top of the Groups tab, it states.

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