Previously this summer, Microsoft added an extra layer of security to its Dropbox opponent, OneDrive. 

The security features, called OneDrive Personal Vault, enable users to preserve their files with two-step verification, such as a fingerprint or facial identification, PIN code, or a one-time code sent by email, SMS or Microsoft Authenticator. 

OneDrive Personal Vault Grows 

At the time of launch, though, the feature was only accessible to selective markets. 

Today, it is rolling out globally, including new features, and expandable storage.

The company stated OneDrive Personal Vault would initially be available to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, but will reach all OneDrive users by the end of this year.

With today’s extension, it is a little forward of schedule, as it is just now the end of September.

Personal Vault is open to all OneDrive users, with a few limitations.

For the ones using OneDrive’s free or standalone 100GB storage plan, you are allowed to store up to three files in Personal Vault. 

On the other hand, Office 365 subscribers can store as many files as they require, up to their storage limits.

What’s New?

Greater authentication is the chief selling point for Personal Vault, but it further comes with added security measures. 

This involves “Scan and Shoot,” which allows you to scan documents or shoot photos straight to Personal Vault, avoiding your device storage, like the camera roll. 

Personal Vault will also automatically bar files after a duration of inactivity.

Limit sharing on the files saved to block accidental shares.

And automatically sync data to a BitLocker-encrypted section of the hard drive on Windows 10 PCs.

Adding to the worldwide launch of Personal Vault, Microsoft also introduced new storage options for One Drive, along with new features like PC Folder backup and dark mode.

Commencing today, OneDrive users will presently be able to add storage to their plans in 200GB additions, pricing at $1.99 per month.

Meantime, PC Folder backup will let OneDrive back up your desktop, reports, and image folders from your Windows PC to the cloud.

Similar to the competitive desktop apps from Dropbox and Google Drive, for example. 

This choice is available to Windows 7, 8, and 10 PCs. 

One drive personal vault | iTMunch

On Windows 10, it is combined so users can even opt to approve it during Windows setup or updates.

Furthermore, OneDrive will now maintain a dark mode on iOS 13.

 As of today, Personal Vault is available to users worldwide.

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