Losing Autonomy at Facebook Meant Winning, say Instagram Founders


Trending in the latest tech news is one of Instagram’s founders Kevin Systrom commenting that losing autonomy under Facebook is actually a testament to their success. As known the entrepreneurs sold their company to Facebook while have worked there for years. But left it abruptly over alleged concerns over their autonomy and the future direction of the photo-sharing social network. They expressed that Instagram could have remained a niche app for photographers. But it improved and got better and instead got to a size where it was meaningfully important to the company. Read on to know further more about this decision by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and what led them to make it.

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Choice Between Independence and Importance

In one of the conversations both, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger mentioned that independence for them to grow their company definitely mattered more than earning a lot of money. They made it extremely clear stating being forced to earn more money drove them out of the company. Since they moved out of Facebook, from 2015 to 2016, Instagram’s remaining independence fueled a reinvention of its app with non-square photos, the shift to the algorithm, and the launch of Stories. On having to challenge the fundamental assumptions of a business. The highlight of their talk was when they mentioned “You’ve got maybe a couple years of relevance when you build a product. If you don’t reinvent it every quarter or every year, then you fall out of relevance and you go away.”

Managing Huge Tech Companies

As Systrom and Krieger left, Facebook now moving forward plans to more tightly integrate Instagram with Facebook and WhatsApp. When asked about this integration, Systrom expressed that the more people that are available to talk with, the more useful the platform becomes. Whether it is accepted or not, people like to talk to other people on various different platforms.

Krieger recommended Facebook try to prove users want that cross-app messaging before embarking on a giant engineering challenge of merging their backends. He also urged more consideration of downstream externalities and specificity on what problem a breakup fixes. He wants differentiation between regulating Facebook’s acquisitions, Amazon white-labelling and selling products, and Apple’s right to run the only iOS App Store.

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It is quite unclear of what Instagram’s co-founder Systrom and Krieger plan to do next. But they made it clear that they are less disgruntled about the path their company took instead of their sudden departures would have us think.  They also expressed that for Instagram to get to the stage that it did is an incredible thing for the world and an incredible thing for users. Let’s hope the two men go on to wonders with their company and introduce us to a whole new world of social media through Instagram.

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