Alphabet became the fourth tech giant to enter the highly remarkable trillion-dollar club. One whose primary member, Apple, Alphabet witnessed its market cap rise past $1 trillion for the first time in August 2018 and which has since embraced — and drove back out — Amazon, which crossed the $1 trillion mark in September 2018 but is now estimated at $931 billion; and Microsoft, a covenant member since August 2019 and currently worth $1.27 trillion.

Saudi Aramco, the oil and natural gas company that went public the previous month, too now has a market price of $1.19 trillion.

That Alphabet will be the following tech giant to break into the ranks is somewhat surprising. 

The presently 22-year-old company has developed like gangbusters after its second year in business and has erupted in value after going public in 2004. 

Recent Developments in Products & Management 

However, it is difficult not to form a line between recent developments and the release in early December that the company’s originators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were giving over day-to-day authority to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet’s Google from 2015. (That is when Alphabet itself was included as a holding company.)

For one point, investors appear to like that much of Pichai’s payment is attached to the company’s accomplishment. 

According to an SEC filing from the previous month, Pichai — presently the CEO of both Google and Alphabet — will get $2 million in salary per year.

Although he is expected to earn much more — at least $150 million — if the company reaches guaranteed performance targets this year, following year and also in 2022.

Investigators have also stated that they are confident that the leadership change will see Alphabet become more evident when it comes to reaching its financials to investors. 

Sundar Pichai | iTMunch

The Plan Moving Forward 

Certainly, despite the company’s various holdings — from YouTube to Waymo, its self-driving car company — Alphabet has been popularly uncertain when it comes to describing how its several bets are moving out.

Not least, there is a broad expectation that Alphabet will become more manageable to higher share buybacks, or that it may start a bonus payment for the initial time because so much of Pichai’s bonus is attached to share performance.

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