Sydney-based consultancy Darumatic has signed a deal with German cloud service provider Kubermatic to bring its Kubernetes platform to the APAC region. The agreement with Kubermatic will make Darumatic the only official reseller of Kubermatic’s platform, Kubernetes (Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform or KKP) in the region. It will serve as the ‘last piece of the puzzle’ of the consultancy’s Kubernetes practice.

More on Darumatic’s partnership with Kubermatic 

Adrián Deccico, Co-founder of Darumatic says the KKP will improve and enhance operational automation for the customers of Darumatic without any cloud lock-in. Darumatic’s customers will benefit greatly from Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) turn-key multi-cluster solutions, he added. 

For Darumatic, this is the ‘last piece of the puzzle’ to improve their Kubernetes practice while continuously offering groundbreaking DevOps experience to its clients. Kubermatic, formerly known as Loodse, launched its KKP in Europe in the year 2017 in order to capitalise on the cloud transformation acceleration going on. 

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder of Kubermatic, Julian Hansert says he is very excited to team up with Darumatic. The company is presently furthering its global expansion and the collaboration is clearly a crucial milestone on that way.

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Darumatic – a Sydney-based DevOps consultancy 

Darumatic was founded by Adrián Deccico and Felix Schmitz in the year 2017, It has partnerships with Red Hat, Docker, Rancher and Amazon Web Services (AWS) and majorly focuses on DevOps, infrastructure orchestration and Kubernetes.

The DevOps consultancy has expertise in services such as cloud application migration and K8 deployment (To build an infrastructure that’s cloud-provider agnostic to avoid vendor lock-in). It can also redesign, restructure, build and release processes to work with the cloud. It works under 3 major areas – DevOps, cloud infrastructure and containerisation.

With respect to KKP, Darumatic can assist its clients in breaking down their monolithic Java apps into docker container images, setting up OpenShift or Kubernetes, training their development team on how to write apps that run on Kubernetes and train IT admins on how to use and operate the platform.

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