Salesforce surely has a bunch of tools spanning the sales, service, and marketing categories.

Though until today, when it launched Lightning Order Management, it needed an integration layer that enabled companies to work across these systems to handle orders seamlessly.

Luke Ball, the VP of product management at Salesforce, said this is a new product made from the scratch on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

The Purpose of the New Product

The purpose is to allow their consumers to fulfill, handle, and maintain their orders at scale.

He says that order administration is an often neglected part of the sales process.

Still, it is one that’s important to the whole experience you are seeking to provide for your customers. 

They are thinking about advertising and acquisition and awareness. 

They are also thinking about building amazing, compelling commerce experiences on the storefront or your website or in your app. 

But he thinks a lot of brands don’t certainly consider the delivery experience as part of that consumer experience.

The dilemma is that order management includes so many different systems, along with internal and external stakeholders. 

Attempting to pull them together into a unified system is harder than it looks, notably when it could also include older legacy technology. 

As Ball pointed out, the process involves shipping carriers, warehouse management systems, ERP systems and payment, and tax and fraud tools.

The Salesforce resolution requires a few essential parts. 

For starters, there is system life cycle management, what Ball calls the masterminds of the operation. 

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This is the core reasoning of an order management system – everything that spreads commerce beyond the Buy button, supply chain management, order fulfillment, payment recovery, invoice making, inventory availability, and custom business logic. 

He further mentioned that this is the bread and butter of an order management system.

Ball says that Salesforce understands that not every consumer will be an all-Salesforce shop.

Also, the system is meant to run with tools from other vendors, even though these external tools will not show up in the App Picker. 

It also acknowledges that this process includes external vendors like shipping corporations.

So they will be giving particular integration apps for Lightning Order Management in the Salesforce AppExchange.

The company is launching the product today and will be executing it mostly by February.

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