According to the latest marketing news, the InsideView Target tool along with ABM was released by InsideView in September. This tool was launched with an aim to benefit account-based marketing strategies and techniques. This tool is a properly redesigned version of InsideView Target, along with the addition of ABM workflows and other enhancements.

The tool has several capacities such as:

  1. Making lists and keeping them concise to create highly customized campaigns. These campaigns can be used as a medium to increase the net rate of new customers.
  2. The tool is a good medium to find contacts from company lists that have already been uploaded.
  3. Another capacity of this tool is to leverage the technologies used. This can be done along with business events data, in order to target desired aspects for specific companies.

InsideView Target with ABM for Better Account Based Marketing

According to Joe Andrews, the Vice President of production and solution marketing division in the company, the ID’s of InsideView were earlier needed to compile a list of companies. From these lists, the desired contact could be selected.

But, with the newest product, users can now search the name of any company. They can also upload a list of companies to search for people, technologies utilized, news, events and several other factors associated with the company names being uploaded.

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As per recent marketing and advertising news, the names of customers, competitors and people from the new lists can also be excluded in the tool. In this manner, the saved lists can be accessed at any time, in order to view every company and all the people who are being focused.

According to Andrews, businesses who want to succeed by using ABM need to use the right kind of target accounts and associated people. If the targets are not set right, even the most efficient campaign techniques used may not work.

According to Rebecca Wetterman, the VP of the research department at Nucleus Research, the core strength of the InsideView with ABM tool involves pulling together contextual information on contacts and using it for sales activities. This provides a boost to ABM products that rely on outside sources.

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