Fujifilm is teasing its upcoming X-Pro3, the replacement to its popular digital rangefinder mirrorless camera after its official introduction on October 23rd.

While its X Summit event was going on September 20th, 2019, the company showed off the X-Pro3 in specific images. They were showing for the first time the innovative new rear-display design.

More about Fujifilm’s unique design

The X-Pro3 has an LCD behind, so do the most advanced digital interchangeable-lens cameras, but this is unique. The screen is covered during regular use, facing inside toward the camera back while the outer side of the rear door offers the photographer a small OLED mini-screen that includes only essential info of shooting settings.

The rear display will demonstrate details like shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, film simulation, and file size settings. Also, if you want to really see a preview of the virtual viewfinder image, you will need to flip down the screen to show the color LCD. 

Fujifilm X film photographers

Thanks to this design, the downward flipping display is perfect for doing things like shooting from a low angle. With this camera, the photographer can look down to check to frame, exactly like how you could do on standard film cameras with waist-level viewfinders. The X-Pro3, however, gives an electronic viewfinder, but that’s also more similar to film photography versus digital.

The photographers using the camera will be more prone to use the viewfinder or shoot waist-level using the flip-down screen. 

Along with this, they will be equipped to check their different settings by instantly removing the camera away from their eye and looking at the back.

Fujifilm’s list of APS-C digital interchangeable-lens cameras has already won many fans due to their film simulations.

The X-Pro3 will concentrate even more on replicating a film-inspired adventure supported by advanced digital photographic technology. They will also add a new film simulation called “Classic Negative.”

Fujifilm’s Upcoming X-Pro3 Camera | IT Munch

More about X-Pro3’s features

Additional features about the camera include titanium construction, which will make it a super durable but lightweight camera, along with three color options.

As of now, there is no price or availability information is out, but we will find that out, with full details, on October 23rd. Stay tuned with iTMunch to learn more about this camera and similar tech news!

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