Modern age is definitely changing the way we travel nowadays. Gone are the days where tourists had to purchase a map before going to a place. Any route, directions and distance is easily available at the tip of your fingers. While earlier a lot of planning was required before going to any new place, however with the development of technology you can decide to visit a new place today.

No matter if you are an adventurous traveler or leisure traveler or even travelling for business, AI is about to redefine the way you travel. AI and Big Data will be able to make use of past data in order to make smart assumptions about the preferences of each traveler. Read the following to know what to expect from AI developments and how you can become a smart traveler with them.

AI’s Digital Interaction for the Smart Traveler

Today all the information that you need to know about the place you wish to travel to is available with one click. However that too involves several hours spent on research, reading instructions etc. With the latest developments in AI that is all about to change. We may soon make use of conversational apps that tell you exactly what you want to know about a particular place. With the increase of chatbots, you can expect them in the travel industry sooner than later.

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Blockchain Technology to the Rescue

We all are familiar with the custom and embarking and disembarking process that we have to go through at the airports. To end these tiresome paper-bound processes, we could soon make use of facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technology combined with blockchain can help travelers seamlessly travel through immigration, customs, airport and duty free stores. With this technology, reliable and authentic traveler data can be made available to complete transactions.

Machine Learning for the Connected Traveler

Machine learning is an emerging artificial intelligence technology. It is only a matter of time before machine learning reaches the travel industry. This technology could help make use of external data to proactively help travelers make decisions quicker. Machine learning could be useful for understanding every type of traveler and thus create a 360 degree view of behavior and trends of the traveler.

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Big Data for Actionable Insights

President of Travel Tech Consulting, Norm Rose explains in his video that the sudden popularity of making use of AI in travel industry began due to the humongous amount of data available. Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in analyzing this humongous amount of unstructured data. Smart data will soon help turn this unstructured data into meaningful and actionable insights. AI will be able to guide travel companies to make informed decisions with the help of this smart data.

In an industry where information is rapidly changing and time is money, these AI developments could not only help this industry evolve but also help travelers become smarter and more informed while traveling.

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