With marketing strategies evolving by leaps and bounds, businesses need to stay abreast of the latest strategies being implemented. At the same time, a business should have overall information about which techniques are expected in the next couple of years. The latest AI news suggests that having substantial knowledge about this can help a business effectively decide their work course over the next few years and hence contribute towards their growth.

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With the advent of robotics and intelligent software programs, artificial intelligence is being used in numerous fields around the world. The use of AI is also seen in the field of marketing, although the trend is still catching up. 2017 is almost over now, but from next year onwards, we can surely expect some really good machine learning as well as AI trends in the field of marketing, especially from the digital perspective. We can safely say that the next-generation customer experience is expected to be boosted, wherein machine automation and AI are certainly raising the level of being innovative. Go through the following points which explain enlist few trends associated with these innovations that businesses can look forward to in 2018.

Robotics for Creation

In 2018, the contribution of AI towards content creation is expected to be enormous. And of course, better content would surely give rise to quality marketing. In the current times, machines might not deal with creating high-quality content of any form. But, this is surely expected to change as tools such as generation analytics and predictive analytics are expected to be used frequently. This fact also tells us about another future prediction: the scope by which content marketing itself will improve as AI gets better at editing content, streamlining processes improving aspects associated with creation, and thereby saving costs.

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Making it More Personalized

Technology associated with any kind of marketing technology has surely come a long way for the past few decades. And we can even consider that a lot of personalization could be expected next year, in the context of marketing technologies being used. A great example of this is Blueshift, who launched a sophisticated AI for their platform. This AI is not designed to only handle normal push notifications, email, messaging, etc. Rather the technology unveiled by this company is designed to completely understand data about an individual and use this kind of machine learning to proceed. In this way, a personalized platform for customers can be made, which is especially suited for E-commerce marketing.

Customer Relations

Improving customer relations is a factor on which a lot of focus is being put, and the same is expected in the future. This is kept in mind by researchers working on AI and machine automation, in order to implement the same in the field of marketing. Chatbots are getting more and more intelligent, and soon AI systems can learn everything about a customer’s behaviour (Hackernoon, nd). Some may call it machine-mediated conversational marketing. Thus, the technology will make it possible to determine not only the content of customer relation conversations but also improve the overall tone maintained.Looking at the speed by which AI is developing and permeating our lives including domains such as marketing, businesses need to pull up their socks to stay updated and gain associated benefits. Thus, it is time to say goodbye to the traditional communication-based processes in marketing and shift onto using AI and machine learning processes. The future surely looks bright for these trends in 2018!


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