Google celebrated its 21st Birthday with a charming and exclusive doodle today. 

Two Stanford PhD students established the search engine, Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page, 21 years ago on September 1998.

Larry and Sergey created Google in their rooms at Stanford in California. 

The two had issued a paper about starting a prototype of a large-scale search engine.

Before creating Google, the two had also developed a search algorithm known as Backrub. 

Though, the two zeroed in on the name Google for their project because it matched with the name googol.

Which is a mathematical expression which means ten raised to the power of 100! They penned about this in their paper too.

Google in 1998 | iTMunch

Google’s Doodle 

For its twenty-first anniversary, the search engine celebrated it with a cartoon of a throwback photo of a massive computer.

It displays a Google search screen, kept on the side of a table with the timestamp of ’98 9 27 written on the right-hand corner of the image.

Even though the search engine is celebrating its birth anniversary today, September 27 was not forever its official Birthday. 

Till 2005 the website celebrated its Birthday on September 7. 

But following 2005, it has marked its Birthday on September 8, September 26 and, lately, September 27.

More About Google

Today, Google runs all over the world and in more than 100 languages, solving trillions of search queries every year. 

It is the second most valuable brand in the world after Apple Inc.; Google is priced at $309 billion. 

Google has domains for the usual misspellings of its name, such as, and

As per Lifewire, Google is the world’s most visited website in 2019. 

It is also the top searched item on other search engines like Bing.

Google’s initial public offering (IPO) was held on August 19, 2004. 

At IPO, Google offered 19,605,052 shares at a rate of $85 per share.

Google’s headquarter is identified as the Googleplex, and it is based in California’s Silicon Valley.

Google was the first big tech company to give free meals to employees. It also permits employees to bring in their dogs to work.

The Google logo that the company uses from 1998 had the first capital G in green; the following logos have had the G in blue.

We wish the Silicon Valley giant A Very Happy Birthday!

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