Glint Acquired by LinkedIn for Better Employee Engagement


Microsoft has been on a shopping spree for a while, and it looks like it has no plans to stop. Now, LinkedIn the company owned by Microsoft said that it plans to take over Glint, a business specializing in employee engagement. Glint’s platform aims to help executives obtain an internal view of employee engagement and skills, and also offer suggestions on how to turn insight into action.

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With LinkedIn’s insights into the larger workforce alongside Glint’s internal view into employee engagement and skills, the company is planning to tap the talent leaders answer all the questions. The broad plan is to bring Glint’s tool set into the LinkedIn fold,thus proving useful to gather employee data to create tailored LinkedIn learning programs.

Benefits to LinkedIn by Obtaining Glint

As LinkedIn focuses on the human resource segment, the company has started building a portfolio of services. These services specifically target HR, talent, and acquisition managers. Glint provides executives with the tools to answer questions about the health and happiness of the talent they have. This gives managers at all levels the access and insight they need to improve.

LinkedIn has used Glint’s tools in its own organization. And it has stated that the hands-on experience that it has of the employee engagement firm has been huge. The representative at LinkedIn claimed that Glint has uncovered a modern HR best practice that every company should implement. This includes regularly gathering employee feedback on work, culture, and leadership. Such feedback gives leaders the tools they need to translate those insights into actions.

Through the combined offerings of both the companies, the employee management process is going to be streamlined. The process would involve translating the specific feedback a manager gets from their employees on Glint into a LinkedIn learning experience. It would be focused on the topics that will help them improve, thus making the feedback much more actionable.

Further Proceedings of the Acquisition

Glint will operate as a team within LinkedIn so that they can maintain and accelerate business momentum. Executives from both companies highlight the synergies in corporate culture and product as they move forward with merged workforce.

“We are excited about the possibilities that could come from the integration of Glint and what we can deliver together to advance the growth of Glint. The Glint team is one that understands that great companies are built by great teams, and great teams are fueled by a great culture. We couldn’t be happier that the talented team at Glint will be joining LinkedIn”, expressed Daniel Shapero, Vice President of Talent Solutions, Careers, & Learning, LinkedIn.

Glint CEO and founder Jim Barnett will report to Daniel Shapero. All other Glint executives will continue to report to Jim except for HR, finance, information security, and legal, who will join the functional teams at LinkedIn. Over the next 12-18 months, they plan to functionally integrate the teams within LinkedIn.

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Recently LinkedIn also launched Talent Insights, an analytics tool for talent. The platform works as a self-serve data graph which utilizes LinkedIn data to enable HR personnel to benchmark where talent is being unrecalled.

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