Perkbox Releases New Employee Support Hub powered by CiC


Perkbox, UK’s employee benefits platform, is today announcing its new Employee Support Hub powered by CiC. The platform, which will offer Perkbox users access to 24/7/365 independent and completely confidential help and advice services, will cater to the needs of employees’ emotional well being in a variety of ways, giving them the opportunity to pick what works best for them whenever the need arises.

Just as management styles need to adjust to make sure everyone in the team stays as productive as possible – even if this means treating every employee distinctly, Perkbox believes that the same should apply when catering for employee wellbeing. To address this, the company’s new Employee Support Hub will aim to provide free in-the-moment support that caters for employee needs and service preferences in a variety of ways:

Employee Support Hub

Users will have the option of either free phone line support or alternatively, the opportunity of logging onto the online portal and talking to a therapist through a live ‘chat’.  The option of upgrading to face-to-face counseling will also be there for those who prefer traditional methods. Employees with visual, hearing or speech impairments will also have the alternative of using Next Generation Text (NGT).

Therapists are fully qualified and will provide users with confidential support on a wide range of issues, not just problems affecting work performance. These include emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress; legal issues related to employment law and family property; family issues related to parenting, divorce, and separation; and debt management issues.

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In regards to its initial use, users will simply have to log onto the Perkbox homepage or app and search for ‘Employee Support Hub.’ By clicking on ‘get this perk’, they will automatically receive access.  All without the need to go through “official channels” beforehand.

Saurav Chopra, Cofounder, and CEO of Perkbox says:

“It’s important that wellness is seen as a priority in the overall business strategy and culture, sitting in parallel with what the company expects from employees in terms of performance goals. The best employee wellness programme is one that caters for the full spectrum of employee wellbeing. It should be holistic, tailored and adaptable. We feel that with our new Employee Support Hub, we’re one step closer to helping businesses achieve this”.