According to the latest artificial intelligence news, Facebook is bringing AR ads to your news feed that will allow you to try on shopping items before you buy them. Taking another leaf out of Snapchat playbook, this AR will be made a part of the advertisements displayed in the news feed.

This feature was first tested by Michael Korrs by creating an AR ad that allowed Facebook to virtually try on sunglasses. This functionality will be rolling out to a few other brands such as Sephora and Wayfair in a few months from now.

By enabling Sephora in the AR ads, users who are scrolling by an AR promo can choose to tap into the experience. Users can try out different shades of lipstick on their lips with the help of this AR promo. Customers can even share this photo with a sticker advertising the product, with their friends or on Facebook stories.

According to the latest AI news, Facebook is Planning to Bring AR Advertisements to News Feed

Facebook will be linking three methods of shopping, namely AR moment, shared sticker and Facebook post all of which link to the product page.

Ty Ahmad-Taylor, Vice President of product marketing at Facebook, said the AR ads and shopping features wouldn’t cost advertisers any extra and that they would be sold via the Facebook auction like any other ad format.

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He further adds, “As retailers prepare for their biggest shopping season of the year, we’re excited to introduce new products that will help them both delight and inspire shoppers, and ultimately drive sales.”

Along with the VR ads Facebook is also planning to roll out its Collection ad format within Instagram to all advertisers. The format will allow people to browse additional products that are for sale while staying inside of the Instagram feed.

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