Trending in the latest tech news is Google’s latest “Contact Center AI”. Google will install these virtual agents in call centres, who will also be the first ones to answer the phone. For this initiative, the tech company has partnered with companies such as Cisco and Genesys.

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What should you expect from “Contact Center AI”?

With the help of the aforementioned companies, Google wants to build an AI that will replace some of the work in call centres. The virtual agents will be the first ones to talk to the customer and address their issue. If they are not able to do something that the customer has mentioned, then the call will automatically move forward to a human.

Google’s vision for “Contact Center AI”

Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist at Google, explained during the Cloud Next conference that their main aim is to empower contact centre’s human agents as well as the customers to rely on them. To ensure this is done, the company has developed a complete solution with its partners. The new AI includes the Dialog flow Enterprise Edition, as well as additional capabilities.

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Using virtual agents along with humans is a flexible solution that can be suitable for each and every cal, which will eventually play a big or small role depending on the situation. Li also added that this is compliant with our data privacy and governance policies and it has the capability to perform all of these functions with little or no infrastructure.

Future of AI

As a closing note, Li said that AI is empowerment and the company wants to democratise that power for everyone. This includes all the types of industries; from retail to agriculture, education to health care.

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