Chironix, an Australian robotics and wearable technology vendor is bringing together Zoom and Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for people working remotely that use Zoom and can’t always sit at a desk with free hands. The Perth-based tech vendor has entered a deal with mining contractor Face Contracting to resell its collaboration platform Metix.

Google Glass is the technology by Google which was discontinued by the tech giant as it was too creepy. With the pandemic taking over the world, Glass has found a new way to enter the market and make a place in the lives of the people.

More on Metix and Google Glass

Chironix’s creation Metix is a real time collaboration for teams. The Aussie company has worked with various defence, agriculture, healthcare and mining companies to refine the product. The company says the official launch of Metix is due this week but already is in use by health and machine maintenance workers in the home town of Chironix.

The collaboration platform by Chironix is especially designed for wearable tech that specifically brings Zoom’s collaboration technology to Google Glass. The platform has been crafted keeping in mind remote and off-site workers, such as those in maintenance teams or healthcare, to allow them to communicate, interact and collaborate with each other in remote locations.

Google’s Glass for Enterprise 2 comes with a heads-up display that a worker has to mount above their eyes. This allows them to look up and have a glance at whoever is on the other end of the Zoom call or take a look at documents being presented on the call. The headset is equipped with a speaker and a microphone to allow the workers to talk on the Zoom video call. A front-facing video camera has also been established on the gadget that restricts other participants to see the worker but lets them see what the worker is seeing.

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About the Aussie tech vendor Chironix 

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Chironix is a Perth-based software firm whose speciality lies in creating human-machine interface. The small 28-strong workforce company is named after the half-man and half-horse centaur from Greek mythology, Chiron.

The company has developed a platform for frontline and remote workers that uses the business-oriented reincarnation of Google Glass for video communications and conferencing. It will allow workers to join Zoom calls using their glasses while they are occupied with other tasks.

Chris Potter, Zoom Business Development Leader says they’re excited about the results and proud to work with Chironix to bring the video communications platform of Zoom to Google Glass. Potter adds that having access to their platform through a hands-free wearable technology device like Glass is a perfect fit for their customers.

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