Tile declared that it is merging with Google to make it simpler for users to find their lost items using their Android devices.

For the unknown, Tile is a small hardware accessory that you can connect to items like keys, purses, bags, wallets and much more. 

These items can then be traced using a combination of Bluetooth technology and the broader network of Tile users operating the app on their phone.

The recently launched Google Assistant integration will make it possible for Google Assistant users to use voice commands to summon the Tile connected to the missing item. 

This is possible due to Tile’s “direct ring” technology, which lets the platform connect with the lost item directly.

Role of Google Assistant 

CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, said in a statement, that the merger with Google was big news for the Tile users. 

He says that the Google Assistant integration will be similar to using any other smart home Action by the Assistant, and they will launch soon this year.

If the users lose or misplace anything, Google will soon become their private search party with a simple voice command.

Tile’s this announcement of Google Assistant integration occurs at an exceptional time.

Tile app for users to find their lost items | iTMunch

Apple Might Be Competition

Apple has been observed to be developing its Tile competitor, 

Lately, code referencing a new tab labelled as “Items” in iOS 13’s “Find My” app was also seen, indicating at a forthcoming launch.

However, it is unclear when Apple plans to reveal this hardware. 

Tile, on the other hand, is seeming to get ahead with its news for Android and Google Assistant users.

Tile has evolved to become one of the top creators of Bluetooth-powered lost-item trackers on the market.

They have sold 22 million worth of product in 2018 and have a user base that’s locating more than 5 million items daily.

The platform has been used across 230 countries and territories around the world.

The company has grown beyond its consumer devices to provide location tracking to several more products by partnering up with BLE chipmakers and other manufacturers.

As of now, that list also involves Sennheiser, which started its new Momentum Wireless around-ear headphones recently at the IFA show in Berlin.

Tile presently has more than 20 partnerships with the addition of Sennheiser.

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