LinkedIn has recently release a list of companies that are currently the top runners for being the best workspace in Australia. Along with the traditional banks and consulting firms companies like ResMed, Bosch, Woolworths Group, IBM, Amazon and Google’s appearance on the top ten spots of the list reflects the changing scenario of the industry stated LinkedIn spokesperson Capucine Yeomans. “The top companies choose to focus on the wellbeing of their staff – offering things like flexibility and acknowledging that the pandemic had been challenging for a lot of working parents, and women in particular,” Ms Yeomans said.

The list was prepared by categorizing the best places to work that help its employees to grow and advance their skills. The parameters for securing a spot on the list included key factors for employees like the company stability, company affinity, along with gender diversity as well as external opportunity.

Medical devices companies have also seemed to secure a spot due to the challenges faced because of COVID 19 pandemic.

This year has seen many unique situations in terms of work cultures and yet many companies have shown resilience and are willing to create more opportunities in workspaces.

Here are glimpse of the top players in the list


At the top of the list is accounting giant EY, which is one of the only four big consulting, companied who did not announce large scale job-cuts at the time when pandemic hit the economy.


New company CEO Kelly Bayer Rasmarin, stated her top achievement was increasing staff engagement by 16%. Also Optus recently launched a program gibing its employees to study at some of the top universities like Macquarie University, Latrobe University and AGSM UNSW Business School to up skill in emerging fields such as customer experience, data and analytics, as well as automation.


The medtech firm ResMed that has nearly 1400 employees in Australia, is better known for their cloud-connected medical devices and has pivoted in manufacturing ventilators during the ongoing pandemic.

The LinkedIn study found ResMed strongly supports STEM education for young people with specific focus on gender diversity. It is also actively involved in providing assistance to high-potential, low-income young people looking for opportunity for higher education.

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This global tech industry is eighth on the list as they have recently expanded even in the education sector partnerships with an aim to up skill the students with the upcoming trends in the industry. This is an initiate to acquire better skilled employees in the future.

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Amazon is another leading brand on the list of best workspace Australia. The company has expanded to now have 3500 employee in Australia. The employee roles expand from entry level to data scientists, they also have high tech areas like robotics and product development working in Australia. LinkedIn’s analysis also revealed the rate of businesses at Amazon was up 678 per cent.

Matt Furlong, Amazon country manager said company encourages the employees to take initiative in workplace.

“Amazonians come here – and stay – because they get to do meaningful and impactful work. “They have high ownership and are encouraged to invent things that have never been done before,” explained Furlong.


Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has earned a place on the best workspace list as it has emphasized on the flexible working. This company currently has 2,000 employees in Australia. Google is permitting the employees to work remotely till September and also considering making this a full time option in future.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai stated, “We are testing a hypothesis that a flexible work model will lead to greater productivity, collaboration and wellbeing,”

Salesforce is the next big name on the list. This is a big tech company that has invested in its in-house management and leadership training platform Trailhead. Salesforce allows employees to clam up to $7,400 per year for job related education courses at accredited institutions that covers cost of fees, tuition and books.

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Commonwealth Bank

Another big name on the list is Commonwealth bank that has more than 52000 employees. They focus on productivity, automating and improvising processes in order for the employees to concentrate on high value work. CEO Ian Narev mentioned to investors that the aim is not “short-term cost cutting initiatives, redundancy plans or off shoring Australian jobs,” but instead, “a cultural focus on simplicity and continuous improvement.”

Woolworths Group

This retail giant of Australia has nearly 200,000 employees. It offers an environment where a 15-year-old supermarket worker can rise through the ranks in the next 30 years to become the head of HR. Opportunities and positions for employees go beyond the stores and can range from agronomists, nutritionists and beyond. In between the industry wise union dispute, Woolworths gave a raise as well as increased the employee discount.

Westpac Group

Another banking company that made the list is Westpac with 40,000 employees. CEO Brian Hartzer explained that he envisions for the bank to become “one of the world’s great service companies”. In view with this the employees are not assigned desks but “neighbourhoods,” so that they can work wherever best suits them: that could be a standing desk or a conference table. The employees also have privileges like: flexible schedules, up to 12 weeks of additional leave each year, as well as discounts on mortgages and more


Deloitte is a Management Consulting that ranks 24th on the best workspace Australia list. They severe millions of applications every year and the reason for this “Our people are challenged by interesting work,” they told LinkedIn. They are a big firm known for its accounting, consulting and tax services and employee strength of 225,000. But with emerging technologies it’s attracting people of STEM background. Deloitte invests heavily in its employees that include offering trainings and educational reimbursements. It also encourages employees to do pro-bono assignments and volunteering.

Atlassian another home grown tech company is listed at 17th place, while medtech company Medtronic was the 25th.

Others banks and financial firms that joined the best workspace list are Macquarie Group and Allianz along with large consultancies like McKinsey.

Here’s the list of LinkedIn’s 2021 Top Companies

  1. EY
  2. Optus
  3. Macquarie Group
  4. ResMed
  5. Commonwealth Bank
  6. Bosch
  7. Woolworths Group
  8. IBM
  9. Amazon
  10. Google (Alphabet)
  11. UBS
  12. Salesforce
  13. National Australia Bank
  14. Westpac Group
  15. ABB
  16. Allianz
  17. Atlassian
  18. QBE Insurance
  19. Origin Energy
  20. Wesfarmers
  21. Bayer
  22. McKinsey & Company
  23. Omnicom
  24. Deloitte
  25. Medtronic

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