The line between fitness and smartwatches is now slowly blurring. Thanks to more and more companies introducing full-featured wearable watches. These watches don’t only make communication simpler for you, but also focus on improving health. With the latest fitness watches by big brands like Apple, Samsung, track your sleep patterns, workouts, calorie intake, etc. To keep up with the competitors and improve customer experience, Google is reportedly working on an AI fitness coach. Keep reading to know more about this fitness assistant.

What is Google Coach?

According to the latest AI news published by Android Police, Google is planning to launch Google Coach. Just as the name suggests, this app would not only track your daily routine but also offer tips to improve it. You can also expect proactive health and fitness advice from Coach. You can easily customize this app based on your workouts, diet, etc. For example, if you missed your gym one day, Google Coach will offer you a few exercises as an alternative.

Google Coach to track your daily routine | iTMunch

What to expect from Google’s AI fitness coach?

Unlike most of the other fitness watches that only allow you to track your daily routine, Google Coach is expected to motivate you, while keeping a track. Additionally, Coach will help you keep track of nutrition and recommend specific foods. This can either be a plan for your week or even a shopping list, this functionality will send notifications right to your email.

This is not just it. The Android Police also claims that this assistant will have the capability of recommending a healthy location based on your location. Thanks to this feature you would not have to worry about searching the perfect menu for a healthy meal nearby.

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How will Google Coach send notifications?

Right from telling you ‘you have a new mail’ to informing you about new updates, notifications are telling you almost everything. Although the primary intention of this functionality is to inform you, it can get extremely annoying at times. According to a research by Research Now and Localytics, around 52% of smartphone and smartwatch users find push notifications annoying and see them as a big distraction.

Fortunately, Google is aware of this issue. And hence, it is planning on group alerts together in one notification. The language used for these notifications is also expected to be more conversational than authoritative.

When will Google’s AI fitness coach rollout?

As far as the fitness coach’s availability is concerned, the company is planning to launch it for Wear OS devices initially. With Google Coach, you will most likely have to use your phone to check app suggestions. However, to track your real-time activity, you will need a Wear OS device.

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