Amazon might have finished selling its Dash buttons for customers, but it is not done with dedicated Dash hardware.

An Introduction to Dash Smart Shelf

The company is starting its new Amazon Dash Smart Shelf recently. 

Directed at small businesses rather than people, the Dash Smart Shelf is additionally even more electronic than the Dash buttons.

It uses a built-in scale to set a request for restocking stocks based on weight automatically.

Obtainable in three different sizes (7″x7″, 12″x10″ and 18″x13″), the Dash Smart Shelf is 1″ tall and can mostly be put under a pile of stock of supplies you usually use while running a business. 

This could mean printer paper, coffee cups, pens, paper clips, toilet paper, coffee, or about anything. 

Plus, Amazon’s replenishment system can either be set to automatically put an order when it identifies that on-hand supply has dropped below a certain weight.

Or you can have it send someone in your company a notification if you would rather not have the order placed automatically.

The Dash Smart Shelf works via a built-in Wi-Fi and can be powered either by connecting a cable to a power outlet or by four AAA batteries, giving flexibility as to where you want to place it.

Utilizing the web or the Amazon app, you then sign in with your Amazon Business account and choose what product you are using on the scale that you need to top up. 

And if you see that your staff does not like the coffee collection, for instance, you can change up the brand or product you are re-ordering from your account, too.

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The Execution Plan

Dash Smart Shelf is not available instantly for anyone to buy directly, but instead, Amazon is going to be operating with selected small businesses in a test pilot this month.

The company is also planning to open up global availability to any Amazon Business customers that have a certified U.S. business license beginning next year. 

If people are interested in getting Smart Shelf into their business, they can sign up straight with Amazon to be notified about availability.

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