The latest tech news is for those individuals who use the Google drive app on Mac or desktop for creating, sharing and saving files easily. This software is going to retire soon. On 6th September, Google has launched its new desktop application, the Google Drive Stream, which is available now for all the users. The Google Drive that is being used by a majority of users until now will be replaced by the new app.

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The Google Drive Stream was available to its early adopters in March. According to the G Suite blog post, this app won’t take any space on the hard disk like Google Drive did. It will allow you to quickly access all of your files on Google Drive on demand, directly from your desktop, which means none of your space on the hard drive would be used and you would have to spend less time waiting for files to sync.

Bye Bye Google Drive

With this launch, Google Drive for Mac and PC will not be supported starting December 11th. The service will shut down completely by March 2018. According to Google, the Drive for Mac and PC might start seeing messages notifying them that the app would not be available anymore. As an alternative or an addition to Google Drive Stream, users can upgrade to the new version of Drive for Mac/ PC, called use Backup and Sync. For users with both Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync on the same desktop will receive notifications to stop syncing My Drive with Backup and Sync for saving disk space.

Users can check the Google Drive Stream settings by navigating to Apps> G Suite > Drive and Docs > Data Access. While the new app settings are available, Google notes that they would not go into effect until 26th September 2017.

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