According to the latest tech news, the preps for the Olympics and Paralympics 2020 have started in Tokyo already. The official fleet provider, Toyota, is planning a massive deployment of battery-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Keep reading to learn more about this upgrade.

As mentioned in an interview, Toyota will provide 3,700 mobility products and/or vehicles. Out of these, 90 percent will be “electrified”. This means they can either be battery-electric, hydrogen-powered, or even gas-electric hybrid. Of the 3,700 vehicles, 850 will be battery-electric, and 500 will be fuel-cell electric.

Tell me more about Toyota’s electric vehicles

According to sources, these electric vehicles will come in all shapes and sizes. This includes cars, buses, shuttles, scooters, mopeds and more. Each of these vehicles will serve a different purpose. For instance, battery-electric Accessible People Mover (APM) will be used used to help people with special mobility requirements. On the other hand, battery-electric minibuses will operate a continuous shuttle service inside the ‘athletes’ village. The electric personal mobility devices with top speeds will be used by security and medical staff.

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Why is Olympics 2020 a big deal for Toyota

Sources say that this automotive leader sees the Olympic as a huge opportunity to showcase its lineup of experimental and alternative fuel-powered machines. And, it is nowhere close to letting it go. Along with this, its main talking point is the reduction of carbon emissions. As mentioned in one of its press releases, the company aims to achieve the lowest emissions target level of any official fleet used at the Olympic and Paralympic Games till date.

Toyota’s way ahead

This automaker ‘isn’t the first one to bring electric vehicles in the market. Other industry leaders such as Tesla, GM, and Nissan are already way ahead. Due to this, Toyota is lagging in the race to release premium and mass-market electric vehicles. With this new plan, this automobile company is planning to release six new EVs starting in 2020 and stretching through to 2025; which will eventually make the Olympics a grand stage from which to launch that lineup.

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