The destination for short mobile videos, preferred mostly by young adults and teens called TikTok, has now launched a new feature. This new feature which is associated with a sponsored Hashtag challenge called “Hashtag Challenge Plus” allows the user to shop for their favorite product without leaving the app.

The sponsored hashtag challenges are Gen Z-friendly, where users are inspired to post videos of them using a product, for example, their favorite pair of jeans from Forever 21 or GUCCI. Users are also encouraged to participate in some type of trend that is currently viral on the app. 

In order to spread the word of the hashtag, similar to the strategy used by Instagram ads, TikTok influencers are seen making use of the hashtag. 

The E-Commerce Twist 

The Hashtag Challenge Plus, is actually a new e- commerce feature that allows users to shop on the platform. Hence, besides simply viewing and creating videos that feature a brand’s products, you can also purchase the same product from the app. 

This feature has its own dedicated tab, that gives an in-ap experience from where the products can be bought. 

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The First Partnered Brand – Kroger 

According to a report from AdWeek, last week, Kroger was the first brand to try out this new feature. Not exactly being a company that radiates to youth appeal, Kroger grabbed this opportunity as a channel to connect with younger audiences.

Kroger had to pay for their sponsored hashtag in order to be placed on TikTok’s Discover page for a week. Even after the promotion wraps, the hashtag can still be found via the search option.

Kroger also shows a row full of their featured products, which includes products like toasters, a box of snack bars, a popcorn maker and a lot of other items.

As soon as you click on the “Shop Now” link, it opens up the Kroger’s website, where users can add their products to the cart and check out online.

TikTok has confirmed that Kroger was their first client to put the hashtag into action last week. However, the company denied talking anything about their plans ahead of this launch.

At its launch, TikTok also tried out in-feed ads, full-screen ads, stickers, 3D/AR lenses and more.

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